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Our two workshop options allow you customize the perfect experience for you and your friends.
We will lead you and your friends through a fun evening of meal prep. You'll learn some new recipes as we assemble the meal packs as a group around your kitchen table or island. As the host, you curate your own menu from our more than 50 meal options. At the end of the workshop, each person takes home delicious Freezer Meal Packages for their family.

Becky Van Drunen, author of the hit cookbook 'Playlist Kitchen' will lead you and your friends through a fun and personally curated evening of music, dancing and meal prep. You'll learn some new recipes (and some sweet new moves) as we assemble the meal packs as a group around your kitchen table or island. As the host, you curate your own menu from our meal options and your own custom playlist. You'll also receive a free copy of the 'Playlist Kitchen Cookbook' as a gift for hosting. At the end of the workshop, each person takes home delicious Freezer Meal Packages for their family.

No shopping, no chopping, no prep and no mess. We bring everything needed for the workshop! (No refrigeration is required, but we need use of a sink and hot water.)

The minimum for the workshops is 6 (you plus 5 friends.) 

Want to host?

Step 1) Fill out the registration form below.
Step 2) Check your email.
Step 3) Invite your friends.
Step 4) Select a menu and pay for your workshop spot.

That's it! Then enjoy a fun time with friends and stock your freezer with conveniently packaged homemade dinners - ready every time you need them.

What are you waiting for? Book a workshop!

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I want to host a Freezer Meal Workshop in my space. What do I need to do?
  • Choose your workshop type.
  • Find a date.
  • Select your 5 menu items from our current options.
  • Invite your friends.
    How many people do I need?
    Minimum for a workshop is 6. (You, plus 5 friends.)  The max for a workshop is 16.
    How long is a workshop?
    Workshops are booked for 2 hours. Our host will arrive 15 minutes before the workshop to get set up.  Weeknights - 7-9pm Weekends 2-4pm / 7-9pm
    How much does it cost? 
    Our workshop fees are built into the prices below. You can select a FULL SET of 10 meals or a HALF SET of 5 meals. *add $10 for a "Playlist Kitchen Workshop" Full Set (10) Workshop and Meals for 4 - $225* Workshop and Meals for 6 - $305* Half Set (5) Workshop and Meals for 4 - $150* Workshop and Meals for 6 - $190* Workshop and Meals for 2 - $160* (10 smaller meal packs) Workshop hosts receive a $25 discount on full sets and a $10 discount on half sets. 
    How does it work?
    We bring everything needed! Together we can assemble the meals as a group around your kitchen table. The ingredients come in cooler bags with ice so no refrigeration is required. We do need use of a sink and hot water.    
    Someone in our group has dietary sensitivities or allergies.  Can you accommodate me?
    We can accommodate gluten free, nut/seed allergies, dairy allergies, no pork/beef at no extra cost.  Please let us know about any allergies in advance of the workshop. We are not Celiac Certified, not recommended for participants with Celiac Disease.  
    Are you licensed and insured?
    You bet. Basil and Bacon is a licensed business with Fraser Health approval and fully insured. Our ingredients are prepped and packed at a commercial kitchen facility.
    What about Covid?
    I am fully vaccinated and follow all government regulations as a business. Vaccine passports are not required.
    What if I need to cancel my workshop?  What if my friend pays and then can’t make it?
    There are no refunds for Meal Packages for Freezer Meal Workshops within 5 days of your scheduled workshop. Cancellations or refunds must be requested 6 days or more in advance of your scheduled workshop. In the event that a participant is no longer available to attend a workshop, their meals will be assembled for them at the scheduled workshop by the other participants. Please email us at to arrange for an alternate delivery date or pick up time of the meals if necessary. Additional charges will apply if you require delivery of the assembled meals.  In the event that the host is no longer available to host the workshop with less than 6 days notice (this includes illness, power outages, unexpected family situations, inclement weather) your meals will be assembled by Basil and Bacon in our commercial kitchen facility and we will contact you to make arrangements for pick up or delivery. Additional charges may apply for delivery. 
    • "I was so excited to find Basil and Bacon! The meals are healthy, delicious and so easy. My 2 year old gobbles everything up - toddler approved easy meals! Score! No more standing in the kitchen after a long day saying - what should I make for dinner - score!!=Everything. It's awesome. Getting the girls together and hosting my own soon!!” - Jennifer

    • "I have been to two workshops now and hosted one more in my home. I love having healthy delicious meals ready to go in my freezer. As a mother of two working full time, these meals have saved my family from countless preservative ridden and fast food options because life gets so busy! Thank you Becky for the amazing meals and recipes. Several have become part of my weekly rotation and I love seeing the new ones you add over time!” - Kaeli

    • "What a great experience with Becky of Basil & Bacon. We had so much fun at our home session! 10 bags of delicious, healthy food to help me get through the September craziness. She was amazingly prepared. Everything went smoothly and quickly and we'll be doing it again for sure. I'm also signed up now for a home delivery, and I can't wait! Thank you SO much, Becky! If you're on the fence at all, just book it. Do it! You won't regret it." - Andrea

    • "I am a busy full time working mom of two and I'm absolutely amazed with how organized and easy this was! I have tried a couple of the meals we made and I'm ecstatic!! It helps me on a daily basis and a little help never hurts to make the days go smoother!!! Dinner hour is the hardest and this makes it so much easier! A must do for a mom feeling like finding that balance is impossible! Thank you @basilandbacon” - Nicole

    • "I went to my first workshop a year ago at Fiona's Cafe and this past week I hosted my 2nd night in my home making it my 5th workshop. I am a single mom with two boys so life gets pretty busy for us and having meals in the freezer ready to go is a life saver. Love they are not full of chemicals, extra salt and preservatives and I don't feel guilty feeding them to my boys! Thanks Becky for the amazing recipes and helping me keep life sane!” - Careyann

    • "Becky's developed a streamlined and simple way of putting the meals together, so that the workshop can also be social and fun. My family has loved every single meal I've brought home. I've now completed three workshops and won't be stopping anytime soon. Such a great small business! Thanks Becky!” - Laura-Shaun

    • "No shopping or chopping and a freezer stocked with healthy and delicious, family-friendly, meals ready to go! I've completed at least half a dozen workshops and am never disappointed!” - Tamara

    • "Becky is amazing. What a lovely evening with friends. So many great meals. The place was spotless when she left. She even takes all the recycling with her. Can't wait to do it again” - Wendy

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